Speedline Driving School


Marshall Bobobe (Operations Manager)

Dedicated to provide best road safety practices for all categories of road users through advanced, innovative, flexible and convenient training environment. Provides complete, informative, defensive training for drivers of all ages through theoretical and applied instruction.

  • We cater for any organization size or type.
  • Programs are specifically tailored around your specific requirements and the individual driving needs of your organization.
  • Programs include driver training seminars and practical 'on-the-road' sessions.
  • Delivered on site, using company vehicles and on the surrounding roads so drivers are trained precisely for the conditions they encounter in their everyday work.
  • Employees can consider the risks and hazards around their workplace, which equips them more fully for their individual working environment.




Speedline Driving School is approved by DVLA and a member of Ghana National Association of Driving Schools (GHANADRIVE)

Speedline Driving School is a duly registered company in Ghana, approved by Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) and is a member of Ghana National Association of Driving Schools(GHANADRIVE) which offers Defensive Driving Training and Refresher Courses for; Learner drivers, Professional Drivers and  Corporate Drivers.

Speedline Driving School is committed to providing professional and quality driver training to drivers of all ages and experience levels. This is why we have developed a corporate driver training program designed especially for businesses and individuals to improve their safe driving behaviors and habits. About graduation, 223 students graduated since December 5 2016
PASS PLUS : This package is for new drivers who are on probation and other drivers with little or no experience in driving at night and on the motorway.

Mail to info@speedlinegh.com For Good Packages Call The Operations Manager +233 505 092 919 / 050 587 7299